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Zabeeha Halal


Zabeeha Halal

Halal is the ancient tradition of Quality Control.

The practice of Zabeeha is an Islamic method of slaughtering animals cleanly and humanely. Animals are killed individually by hand, not by machine, so that the animal has no fear, loses consciousness, feels no pain, and the blood drains quickly. This reduces the amount of toxins and bacteria present in the blood, resulting in safe, clean, consumable meat.

Like kosher practices, Zabeeha is an old world procedure that existed before modern abattoirs, and remains to be the most humane way to treat an animal for slaughter, and the safest way for people to consume meat. Madina Fine Foods adheres to the strictest of standards in producing their Halal products, closely inspected by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA). All non-meat ingredients in MadinaŹ¼s prepared foods are also certified Halal.


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